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Rainbows seen in Hawaii, also called the Rainbow State.

In this “A Week in Pictures,” check out some gorgeous travel inspiration that will make you want to visit The Rainbow State ASAP! Hawaii is known as The Rainbow State because of the stunning rainbows that appear over the ocean, cliffs, valleys, and beaches. The islands are known to shower while the sun is still shining, and the rays that hit prism-like raindrops create the appearance of a rainbow. If you’ve ever visited Hawaii you also know a rainbow is depicted on the license plate, representing the beauty that the islands offer! Read on for some of the best pics from The Rainbow State recently and start dreaming up your next Hawaiian adventure.

@tommypierucki captured @tikiwillis catching waves and rainbows.

@aphotos89 exploring the Nāpali Coast.

@jroses_photography_ spotting rainbow glory from above the island.

@officialktr caught Oahu showing off in all her rainbow glory.

@clementineinhawaii shooting stunning pics of land from sea.

@wavesyogakauai loving on Kauai’s beauty from the ocean.

@d_leilani capturing ALL the love.

@andystenz catching Oahu magic from the air.

@elvin happy about all rainbow everything.

@rod_pereira17 captured a cascading rainbow over the Twin Islands.

As you can see, rainbows are a huge part of Hawaiian culture. They cascade across the lush backdrop of every island, and are truly a sight to behold. You’re sure to find gold at the end of any rainbow across Hawaii…yep, it’s all paradise in The Rainbow State!

Have you experienced a rainbow on Hawaii? We’d love to hear all about your adventure!

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