Explore the Island Magic of Molokai


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Explore the island of Molokai, Hawaii.

Molokai is called “The Most Hawaiian Island” for a good reason. When you visit Molokai, you experience what all of Hawaii looked like at one point before development and tourism grew. Everyone should explore the island magic of Molokai if visiting Hawaii for any length of time. The landscape is lush, the people are kind, and simple living is abundant. Molokai is also known as “The Friendly Island” because the locals are known to be friendly to visitors in search of an authentic Hawaiian getaway. If you want an adventure off the beaten path, Molokai may be just the place for you!

This week in “A Week in Pictures,” we are highlighting the magic of Molokai. Read on to see some of the best photos taken across the island!

An Island Rich in History

The Kalaupapa Peninsula is on the north shore of Molokai, which has some of the most stunning remote views across the island. Kalaupapa is home to the well-known leprosy colony that was established in the 1800s. Leprosy was eventually eradicated within the community in the 1940s. However, a few surviving patients still choose to remain at the site. The area is now a National Historic Site that welcomes visitors.

Perfect Cascading Waterfalls

Molokai is home to several waterfalls, and pictured here is Papalaua Falls. Most people aren’t lucky enough to reach this waterfall via boat and instead must view it from a helicopter. This waterfall is located on the north shore, which is a very remote area and not easily accessible. If you catch this waterfall during the wet season and without any cloud cover, consider yourself lucky!


Miraculous Molokai Sunsets

Kepuhi Beach is located on the west side of Molokai. It is a long sandy beach that is breathtaking. The water may look inviting, but it’s mostly only good to swim in when conditions are safe. Kepuhi Beach is known to have strong surf and dangerous shore breaks. However, it is a stunning beach location with a scenic view. The west side of Molokai is quite isolated, but there are several other great beaches nearby to relax at while catching a Hawaiian sunset.

Film-Worthy Sea Cliffs and Scenery

Molokai has some of the tallest sea cliffs in the world that only add to its scenic beauty. Seriously, these views don’t seem real! The landscape is very lush and undeveloped. Scenes from Jurassic Park III were filmed around the Wailau Valley on the north shore of Molokai because of the film-worthy backdrop.

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Equal Parts Magic and Mystery

Here is yet another angle of the sea cliffs along Molokai. The lush landscape and cascading waterfalls are indeed full of magic. The fact that most of the island is untouched adds to its wonder and mystery.

If you want to have a unique adventure and explore the magic of Molokai, the only way to reach the island is by a short commuter flight. If you are staying on a nearby island and want to spend time outdoors on undeveloped land, we’d recommend a trip to Molokai. It’s the perfect getaway for every outdoor enthusiast!

Have you explored the magic of Molokai? We’d love to know what you did on the island!

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