Molokai, also known as the Friendly Isle, is a must-see for anyone wanting to have an authentic Hawaiian experience. The island is often referred to as the most Hawaiian island because of its natural beauty and undeveloped terrain.

One of the top attractions on the island is the Kalaupapa National Historical Park. The park is home to a former leper colony. It is now considered a sacred place for people to honor the memories of those who had leprosy. Several surviving members of the colony who are now cured still reside at the park. The island is full of many other cultural experiences, as well.

The Halawa Valley is another must-visit on the island. The Halawa Valley offers a hike through a lush Hawaiian landscape and has two scenic waterfalls, Moaula Falls and Hipuapua Falls.

If you are visiting Maui, Molokai is just a ferry ride away! You can also reach the island via a commuter flight from any other island. If you want to visit “the most Hawaiian island,” Molokai is for you!

Ever wondered about the travel difference between Molokai versus Kauai? Well, this blog is inspired by one of our valued email subscribers! Last week we had someone ask us if they should visit Molokai. They described their family as wanting to relax, learn...
Molokai is called "The Most Hawaiian Island" for a good reason. When you visit Molokai, you experience what all of Hawaii looked like at one point before development and tourism grew. Everyone should explore the island magic of Molokai if visiting Hawaii for...