Best Waterfalls on Maui: An Ultimate Adventure Guide


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The best waterfalls on Maui to visit. An ultimate travel guide.

No trip to Maui is complete without visiting the chain of waterfalls on the island. Standing at the foot of a majestic Maui waterfall, you can experience Hawaiian paradise at its best!

Which are the top Maui waterfalls?

Good news! There is no such thing as a lousy waterfall in Maui. Every waterfall is unique and beautiful on the island. For this article, we selected the top waterfalls based on ease of access and scenic beauty. Read on to learn about the best waterfalls on Maui!

Twin Falls

Being a famous landmark on the Road to Hana, Twin Falls has been shockingly underrated by many guidebooks. If you are looking for a thrilling hike through a scenic landscape, this waterfall is a must-visit. The walk will lead you to two falls, each of them surrounded by a swimming hole. To access to the waterfalls, park your vehicle at the Twin Falls Fruit Stand. 

Pro tip: Don’t forget to bring your bathing suit!

Wailua Falls

Wailua Falls is a “can’t-miss” waterfall, located a few miles past the town of Hana at mile marker #45. The waterfall cascades over 80 feet and is visible from the road. You can park your vehicle and walk over to the lookout point to take pictures. Here too, you can take a dip in the swimming hole below.


Upper Waikani Falls

Upper Waikani Falls Waterfall Maui

Also known as Three Bears, Upper Waikani Falls is a 70-foot triple waterfall. These falls are accessible from the Hana highway. Please note there’s not much parking roadside, so if you hop out to take a quick photo, keep an eye out for oncoming vehicles. If you want to stop and take a hike down to the plunge pool, you can park your car in a small lot located about a mile away.

Pro Tip: The paths are pretty slippery, so be careful while you walk!

Makahiku Falls

Located on the Pipiwai Trail, the Falls at Makahiku is a 185-foot waterfall alongside a lush backdrop. The dense forest and tall waterfall make for dramatic and beautiful photos. You can easily access this scenic beauty by hiking the Pipiwai Trail for about a half-mile.

Pro Tip: To avoid large crowds, arrive before noon.

Waimoku Falls

Waimoku Falls Waterfall Maui

Known as the granddaddy of Maui waterfalls, Waimoku Falls is a 400-foot tall waterfall located further upstream of the Falls at Makahiku. Situated on the Pipiwai Trail, this particular waterfall is one of the most dramatic on the island. During your hike to Waimoku Falls, you will also get to experience the lush Bamboo Forest, aka the Pipiwai Trail. Waimoku Falls is a delight for every nature lover and a must-see if you’d like to experience the glory of Maui’s landscape.

Pro Tip: The hike to get to Waimoku Falls is about 4 miles roundtrip, so bring a good pair of hiking shoes and be aware of the weather forecast in case of flash flooding.

Kopiliula Falls

Kopiliula Falls, located near Hana, is a scenic beauty and is visible from the road. There are dirt shoulders on either side of the road where the bridge crosses the Kopiliula Stream. You can park and take a short walk to take photos. The little-known waterfall has crystal clear water that cascades down. Kopiliula Falls is located in one of the wettest parts of Maui, so it is imperative to keep watch for flash flood warnings on rainy days if hiking.

Hanawi Falls

Located at mile marker #24 right off the highway, Hanawi Falls is the perfect place to stop for some scenic photos. Beyond the small bridge, there are a few pull-offs available where you can park your car. You will get the best view of the waterfall standing right near the Hanawi Stream’s bridge. You can also hike down to the waterfall basin for more adventure. The water is crystal clear and is a great spot to take a dip. There typically aren’t many people in the water either! 

Pro Tip: The water is typically quite cold, so bring a towel with you if swimming.

Makapipi Falls

Makapipi Falls is an easily accessible waterfall. The waterfall is located just past mile marker #25, where the Hana Highway bridge crosses the Makapipi Stream. There is a shoulder available for parking so you can walk to the bridge for photos. Though there are several falls in this region, what makes Makapipi unique is you will be able to stand above it and experience amazing panoramic views. It’s important to note that if there is insufficient rain, the area remains mostly dry and you won’t be able to experience the beauty of the waterfall.

What to Bring with You

Many of the waterfalls and guided tours that require a hike can be slippery and wet. It’s essential to wear the right clothes (no flip-flops!) and pack correctly for your adventure. Check out our top recommendations of items to bring along!

What to Wear

What to Pack

You can easily explore Maui’s waterfalls with your family. However, if you prefer a guided tour of the waterfalls, check out the following top-rated adventures:

As you can see, there are many waterfalls and guided tours across Maui. Be sure to take your time adventuring and let us know which waterfalls you enjoyed most!

Have you experienced a Maui waterfall before? Which is your favorite on the island?

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