The Best Restaurants in Lahaina, Maui


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Oh Maui, how we love thee. Your beautiful landscape, unique wildlife, deep blue ocean, lush and tropical environment, and your FOOD. When we last visited Maui, we stayed on two different parts of the island. The second leg of our trip, we called Kaanapali home and frequented nearby Lahaina. The town is known for its famous Front St., which is a long stretch of boutiques and dining options, however many fantastic restaurants can be found scattered around the town. In this blog, we cover some of the best restaurants in Lahaina, Maui. Also, to see our FULL list of the top 20 restaurants on Maui, click here.

Monkeypod Kitchen 

Pie at Monkeypod Kitchen

My mom is going to be upset about this picture, but we had to document the amazing-ness of Monkeypod’s pies! No shame is our eating game. We visited both locations on Maui during our vacation. Their food and Mai Tai’s are just THAT GOOD. In addition to the delicious food, we were able to catch live music in the open and breezy location on the West Shore. If you are headed to Black Rock Beach or plan to go shopping at Whalers Village, Monkeypod is a must-visit! Also, they had just released a pumpkin pie option on their fall dessert menu, and I hope they keep it around! It was our favorite pie of the three we had (banana and strawberry). Give us pumpkin everything! Not only would we vote Monkeypod Kitchen as one of the best restaurants in Lahaina, Maui, but would highly recommend visiting their second location on the island.

Cool Cat Cafe

The Cool Cat Cafe has been voted best burger on the island 15 years in a row, but my husband and I each went with other lunch items that did not disappoint. They have a Hula Chicken Sandwich that had my husband singing, and not just because we were on the island. I had the fish tacos, which were fresh and flavorful. I don’t think I could compare them to Coconut Fish Cafe’s famous fish tacos because they were different overall, but still really delicious. We went out for a dolphin tour later that day with no sightings, but the food at Cool Cat Cafe left us in good enough spirits the rest of the day that we didn’t mind at all.

Aloha Mixed Plate 

Aloha Mixed Plate is a beachside restaurant featuring local favorites and many plate lunches. They serve large portions at reasonable prices, and all their food is local, fresh, and healthy. I recommend having loco moco while in Maui, and Aloha Mixed Plate has several options to choose from. It’s a casual lunch spot near the heart of Lahaina that is worth visiting!


Fleetwood’s On Front St. 

Fleetwood’s On Front St. is owned by drummer Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac. It is an upscale American restaurant with unobstructed views of the Pacific and mountain views. They have an award-winning menu that is sophisticated with an authentic Hawaiian vibe. They also have space for large gatherings, making it a desirable location for your next special event!

Honu Seafood and Pizza 

Honu Seafood and Pizza is an oceanfront restaurant in the heart of Lahaina. The word “honu” is Hawaiian for Green Sea Turtle, which the owners Judy and Mark Ellman believe are spiritual creatures that swim in front of the restaurants along the Maui coast. Their menu is full of fresh seafood offerings and delicious artisan pizzas. They use organic, fresh, and healthy ingredients in their food, which shine through in the taste. According to their website, Judy and Mark have built 18 restaurants across Maui in their time, and are respected restaurant owners on the island.

The best restaurants in Lahaina, Maui

Paʻia Fish Market

The Paʻia Fish Market has three locations in Maui, all with rave reviews. Their location in Lahaina is conveniently located on Front St., a popular destination for food, shopping, and water activities. If you find yourself on Front St. craving fresh seafood, check out the Paʻia Fish Market. There is outdoor seating with an inviting atmosphere. The Paʻia Fish Market has been featured in publications like Travel Channel, National Geographic, and more. A must-visit for anyone wanting to experience fresh fish on the island!

Down the Hatch 

I walked right past this gem several times until I spotted a framed picture with Guy Fieri outside. When I found out Down the Hatch boasts the longest happy hour on the island, I was SO IN. And let me tell you, I’ve never entertained the idea of becoming a mermaid until I took a bite of their Mermaid Fries. It’s the food of magical creatures. I wish I were Ariel, so King Triton could throw me to land in Lahaina again. Aside from the best fries of my life, we had Crispy Calamari and Macadamia Nut Crusted Mahi. Oh yeah, and Lobster and Crab Stuffed Grilled Cheese. SO GOOD. They shared the recipe with the Food Network, and I will be making it soon!

Choice Health Bar 

There are several locations for the Choice Health Bar, as it’s a popular location for those looking for Hawaiian-grown ingredients, vegan and vegetarian options, and those who are health-conscious in general. They have a menu full of delicious acai bowls, superfood smoothies, juices, salads, soups, and more. Choice Health Bar has been featured in many publications and is the recipient of many awards on the island for great food!

The Gazebo Restaurant at Napili Shores 

The Gazebo is a popular spot to eat at the Napali Shores condo complex. Because of this, it’s a bit hidden. Those who have stumbled upon The Gazebo agree that it’s worth waiting in line for the food. The Gazebo is oceanfront and adjacent to Napili Bay. We’ve heard the breakfast portions are plentiful, and a popular menu item seems to be the Mac Nut Pancakes.

808 Grindz

Need a big breakfast to sustain you for a day full of activities? 808 Grindz is the place to go! They have a menu full of authentic Hawaiian loco moco and other local favorites. We were told there’s typically a bit of a wait depending on when you visit because it’s a popular place with locals and tourists alike. This hopping restaurant is considered one of the top restaurants in Lahaina by many.

Best Food in Lahaina, Maui

Maui Brewing Company

We already mentioned the South Shore location in Kihei, but there is a secondary Maui Brewing Co. location in Lahaina close to shopping and resorts. Not only does the Maui Brewing Company have a wide selection of craft brews, but they also serve up delicious Hawaiian-inspired comfort food. There is a pizza, burger, or big plate for everyone…even for vegans and gluten-sensitive people (like me)! Until we return to Maui, we’ll probably pick up a Maui Brewing Co. six-pack here in frigid Michigan and think back to warm weather and sunshine (yes, they sell their craft beer in stores!). You can find the closest store to you that carries Maui Brewing Co. beer by clicking here.

Kimo’s Restaurant

Kimo’s is a relaxed seafood restaurant with amazing views of the water. They are well-known for fresh fish and their prime rib and are the home of the Original Hula Pie. Kimo’s has a daily happy hour too, so just another reason to stop by while on Front St. They’ve won countless awards for their food, and are part of a family of restaurants across the island that all have great reviews.

Maui proved to have some of the best restaurants we’ve ever experienced while traveling. There are plenty of dining options in well-known towns across the island. Maui proved to have some of the best cuisines we’ve ever had the chance to eat. We can’t wait to visit what we’d consider the best restaurants in Lahaina, Maui again while vacationing!

Have you visited any of the above best restaurants in Lahaina, Maui? We’d love to hear your experience!

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